Personalized Aromatherapy Massage & Reflexology for over 15 years

"Lori is the best. Her massage is by far the best I have ever had."

Her care and love for what she does makes all the difference. Her healing energy is so pure, and whether it is a massage, reiki, reflexology, or one of her amazing products, you will feel the benefits radiating through you. Topping it all off is her relaxing healing space that just lets you relax and enjoy the magic.

M.D. - March 2024

"No one has made me feel this great!"

I have had many massages throughout my lifetime and I have to say that Lori is absolutely amazing! Not only is her place very inviting, clean, and welcoming, her hands are magic, and my body feels so loose and refreshed after! I will definitely continue to use her services. My neck is feeling so much better and no one has made me feel this great!

S.C. - Feb. 2024

“A Healing and Empathetic Nature”

After experiencing an adverse vaccine reaction, I have been suffering from severe myalgias and other issues with my muscles and bones. Not only that, but it has been an isolating and lonely thing to go through without much support or understanding from others. Lori scheduled me in as soon as she could for an appointment, and provided me with a safe place to disclose about my pain and feelings.

Lori’s space is warm, calm, and healing. She created a blend of essential oils to use for my deep tissue massage and she is incredibly skilled at what she does. Lori paid careful attention to where my body was experiencing the most tension and pain, and she helped me to successfully manage my symptoms. I plan on booking another appointment as soon as my schedule allows.

It is rare to find someone who not only knows what they are doing from a technical standpoint but also possesses a healing and empathetic nature. I felt this from the moment I entered her beautiful home. Thanks Lori.

Sept. 2021

Jessica G.

“Refreshed & New”

Lori opened my mind & my heart to reflexology, Bach flower remedies & reiki. She is gifted with wonderful insight & intuition, explains things when asked and I always left there feeling refreshed & new.

Her practice with Bach flowers was such a game changer for me & gave me a lot of my life back after being lost for a while.

Even though I’ve moved hundreds of miles away, I still value Lori’s knowledge but especially her friendship.

Sept. 2021

Mary Cunningham

“Thank You for Helping Me!”

I was referred to Lori by my RMT when I was having a problem with the ball of my foot and needed some relief because I use that part intensely on the stirrups for riding!

Lori took the time to explain things and it felt so good afterwards I came back for more treatments. Thank you for helping me!

Sept. 2021

Liz S.

“An Integral Part of my Healing”

I went to see Lori for a one time appointment and it carried on for a year – once a month. Lori became an integral part of my mental, physical and spiritual healing, as the hour I had with her gave my body time to relax while detoxing.

I slept better. My yoga practice felt better. My overall well being felt cared for and was nurtured by her incredible massages. My mental health and physical health will always be grateful for my sessions with Lori.

Sept. 2021

C. Rennie

"Lori's therapies truly translate into physical, mental, and spiritual healing."

Lori Ens is a very gifted holistic practitioner. Her awareness in her treatments is evident- creating a dynamic treatment that combines both intuitive work and advanced skill level. The genuine sincerity and heart with which she practices creates a safe space which allows you to be open to accept true healing and nurturing. From the beginning of the treatment to the end, you will be immersed in a state of relaxation, awareness, and have the ability to just "let go" of whatever physical and mental ties that bind you. Lori's therapies truly translate into physical, mental, and spiritual healing - which is what every holistic healer strives for.

Sarah V.

Client and Holistic Practitioner

"I highly recommend SHINE Holistic Therapies​."

I’ve had a couple of treatments with Lori for aromatherapy massage and reflexology and each time is pure magic …honestly, she is magic.


“Go and try this wonderful treatment. You will not be disappointed. And it will improve the quality of your life.”

Right now I am on a specific cancer drug to treat multiple myeloma (cancer of the blood plasma) that I have. My oncologist always says about multiple myeloma: we can treat it, but we cannot cure it. The good thing about this drug is that it keeps me alive. But of course there are always side effects. One of the side effects is that it causes neuropathy in the feet. There is another cancer drug I could take, this one intravenously, but this also has the neuropathy side effect. My neuropathy is not too severe, just like the tingling you feel when you hit your funny bone. But not as bad as it is for a friend of mine, who feels as if she is walking on shards of glass. So I feel that, apart from the medical approach to my cancer, which is, blast the cancer cells to smithereens, I also need something different to help me.

The insert with my cancer drug clearly states it may cause neuropathy. Well, not so fast, there are other ways to treat this, and reflexology is one of them. I have been going to Lori Ens of SHINE Holistic for quite a few years, as I feel that the practice of reflexology generally is good for my overall health, regardless of the neuropathy or any other issues. It is my understanding that the pressure points on my feet relate to certain organs in my body, and by pressing on them, it sends healing energy to these parts. I used to be rather sceptical about this kind of treatment, as well as about Reiki, another mode of treatment. But let me put it this way: I was there for treatment yesterday, and when I came out, I was walking on a cloud. Well, I can’t explain it, but it helps me, and that is all that counts. 

Lori is a wonderful practitioner, very calm and peaceful, and you can just feel the healing energy emanate from her. Her treatment room is warm and comforting, and it puts you in a peaceful state of mind right away. All her beautiful decorations also put you in the right mood. 

So all I can say is: Go and try this wonderful treatment. You will not be disappointed. And it will improve the quality of your life.

Elisabeth Teunis

March 9, 2018

“Lori is definitely the best.”

I’ve had massages all over the world from high-end spas to cozy boutiques and Lori is definitely the best. She is always pleasant and always makes me feel great whether it’s for general relaxation or working on a problem area. Her treatment room is very welcoming and relaxing.


"I highly recommend her services."

I have been seeing Lori about once a month for many years. I initially went for reflexology, then I added massage, and then I added reiki. I enjoy them all! She is a very caring and skilled practitioner and I always feel better after my sessions.

Andrea H. - Feb. 2024

“The Most Relaxing Hour”

It’s always a relief to visit Lori and know that this next hour will be the most relaxing hour of my entire week.

C. Booker

“Will Continue to Go Back”

My first appointment with Lori was a 90 minute appointment and it was amazing having a Massage and Reiki then Reflexology treatment. Definitely have gone back and will continue to go back. Her home is clean and comfortable. Thank you Lori for helping me to feel better.

Sept. 2021

B. B.

“Best Experience Ever!”

Lori is a fantastic massage therapist and I love her aromatherapy mixtures. Her session room is always very peaceful and relaxing. My favorite treatment is reflexology, my feet always feel so good when she’s finished with them. I know that her treatments are infused with love!

Sept. 2021

Debbie Stopher

"It is a privilege to have a therapist who loves what she does, is good at what she does, and who is committed to helping others first."

​I first met Lori during a mini-treatment session where she correctly identified, through foot reflexology, that I was having an issue with my shoulder. Since then, I have seen Lori regularly and always look forward with great anticipation to getting a treatment. Her facility is aesthetic, clean, comfortable, and very conducive to relaxation. During her treatments, I enter a state of extremely deep relaxation - something I have not experienced with any other therapists. Lori also offers excellent value for money. It is a privilege to have a therapist who loves what she does, is good at what she does, and who is committed to helping others first.


“I Am Constantly Amazed”

I have been going almost every month to Shine for 4 years for reflexology and massage. I am constantly amazed at Lori’s ability to hone in on the spots that need attention without me saying a word. I had tried reflexology previous to Shine but was always disappointed – I’ve never been disappointed in the work Lori does! Well worth it! I highly recommend Shine and in fact often hand out Shine’s business card when I think someone could benefit from Lori’s service.


"I can't imagine my life without her healing hands."

​Lori is a gifted therapist with a toolbox filled with talents and training to help guide you through your healing journey. I can't imagine my life without her healing hands. Truly grateful for all she is and all she does.


"Her treatments always leave me feeling better..."

I have been seeing Lori for a number of years. She is welcoming and personable. Her space is like a little piece of heaven and her treatments always leave me feeling better...


“I highly recommend her amazing services – she is a wonderful person and practitioner.”

I’ve had a number of treatments with Lori – aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, Bach remedies and Reiki. Each time, I’ve gone home feeling completely relaxed and renewed. I had a difficult pregnancy and found relief from a session in August with Lori during a particularly trying time. I highly recommend her amazing services – she is a wonderful person and practitioner.


“Simply the best.”

I have been partaking in the benefits of regular massage appointments for about 20 years now with many different RMTs in the area. For the last 5 years or so it has been almost exclusively with Lori. She is very skilled, professional but also very friendly and puts your comfort first. I highly recommend SHINE. That’s the good news. The bad news is she finds pain you didn’t know you had lol. Don’t worry, she will fix that too.


“I left feeling reinvented and learned a lot about my health.”

I have had the pleasure or receiving a reflexology treatment from Lori. She is very skilled at what she does and makes you feel very relaxed. I left feeling reinvented and learned a lot about my health. I would highly recommend you giving her a try to relieve some stress in your life.


"Lori always provides a very relaxing environment and extremely soothing treatment."

Lori Ens has been treating me for six years. I see her weekly for massage or reflexology treatments.

I suffer from chronic hip, lower back pain and arthritis. Lori always provides a very relaxing environment and extremely soothing treatment. I have trouble sleeping due to the arthritis but on the days I see Lori I usually will sleep better.

The reflexology is amazing and no matter how severely my back is aching, she puts me to sleep almost midway through the treatment. Lori is a very sincere and caring person and it will be a pleasure to continue going to her for treatments in the years to come.

John B